Dear Customer:

New Look Janitorial, Inc., has been a leader in commercial cleaning for almost 30 years. Since we began doing business, we have gained a reputation for the quality of services we provide, and our willingness to always be there for you at all hours of the night. We are a full service company that can provide Janitorial services with expertise for a low cost. Because of a dedicated team of employees, supervisors, and managers, we are confident
that someone will always be around who can fulfill your needs in a timely manner.

We are fully insured to protect your company from any accidents and damage. We do background check for our employees and require their proper documentation. We also pay our employees more than most companies so they can perform their jobs with satisfaction, and yet we do not pass this cost to you. We train our employees on-site and individually so they can perform their jobs with expertise.

We pride ourselves in helping our customers with special needs as they arise, so they can save money in the long run. We are known for our readiness to do extras without charge. Because of our willingness to always be helpful, we have made many loyal customers over the years. Please give us a try for free! That is right, the first month is free with no lengthy contracts attached!


Walter Queiroz, owner
New Look Janitorial, Inc.
(801) 836-3500